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About the project

120,000 square meters large area contains places for services such as dining, post office, bank, medical facilities, shops etc., that together takes up about 11,000 square meters. Another 1,200 square meters are set aside for indoor sports. The high quality of all the services is ensured by the fact that the investor perceives the service as an important part of the technology centre and will, therefore, focus on quality and balance before maximising profits from these areas.

We would like to introduce you the first building of this project, with an area of 15,182 square meters to let, with an electronically monitored parking places (capacity of 600 spots), lobby with non-stop working reception or 5 high-capacity elevators. Each floor has double standard restrooms and four drinking spaces for a kitchen or other use. Clear height of the first floor is 3.6 m, floor loading capacity 1000kg/m2. Great windows and separate entry allow placement of sales, demonstrative or training facilities. All the floors from second to tenth have a clear height of 3 m with raised floors with a loading capacity of 300 kg/m2.

Areal Slatina – Green Building


The cladding

Insulation system ETICS from stone wool (thickness 240 mm), penetration, sealants, reinforcing mesh, renders visible a facade coating. Stone wool is water repellent throughout the whole section.

U = 0.159 W/m2K .

Supporting and peripheral structure

Monolithic reinforced concrete structure with whitening ingredient from limestone lightens the natural shade of monolithic concrete and ensures comfortable indoor environment. The thickness of the structure is 250 mm and together with a contact isolation system ensures maximum air tightness of the housing, certified by blower door test. You can also rely on excellent accumulative and sound insulation.

Double floor

The double floor from panels of 600x600mm with a loading capacity of 300kg/m2, made from chipboards encased in galvanized plate, height-adjustable legs that are glued to the supporting structure. The individual panels are resiliently mounted to the support system of the floor. There is also floor box system equipped with high voltage current and low voltage current power cables. This allows the flexible use of space.


Esthetical panel radiator with bottom connection hanged on hidden brackets. The body is controlled directly by the customer by using a thermostatic head and is connected to copper cabling

Fixed extinguishers

Complex sprinkler system made from steel pipes will be located under ceiling construction. Sprinkler with thermal protection ensures sprinkling just over the place with the fire and thus minimise water damage. Server rooms or other requested rooms can be equipped with sprinkler system based on inert gas.


Opening window glazed with triple glazing and with a reduced thermal load transmission of solar radiation, in thermally insulated frames and with thermal insulation and airtight connection to the facade. U = 0.6 and 0.8 W/m2K


Line ceiling in a light metal body, hanged below the ceiling structure. Electronic control system enables direct control, including dimming each light.

Chilled beam

Cooling and ventilation beam in a two-pipe design with a built-in heat exchanger cooling, which ensures quiet and gentle ventilation and cooling of office space. Fresh air from outside is let into the ventilation system, then filtered, humidified and heated through heat recovery. In addition, draft-free cooling does not produce an unpleasant environment and does not cause increased morbidity. At the same time, very quiet operation does not disturb the working environment.

Electrical Floor Boxes

The floor boxes are equipped with high voltage current and low voltage current power cables. Location and number of boxes are variable on the base of client´s demands. This includes bringing optic cable to a single computer.

Emergency Sound System

Emergency sound system (voice evacuation system) will be primarily used for alarm or evacuation of the building. Part of the device can be used for local corporate reporting and organization.

Distribution of copper and optic cables

There are both, low voltage and high-voltage distribution systems under the double floor. Main powerline will be conducted by busbar system rated on 1600A, which is very unique and provides sufficient margin for energy-intensive operations.

There will be cable junction boxes and service boards on each floor. The main powerline also provides space reserve for connecting and location of an auxiliary source. Vertical distribution of low-voltage copper and optic cables is made with sufficient space potential for long-term and repeated replenishment.



Prices for renting starts at 8.20 EUR/m2/month. They really do. We can offer such a good prices because we bought building materials at the time of its lowest cost.

You will pay the absolute minimum also in the operational costs. The building is classified in category A energy performance, so you will save tens of percent on costs for heating. In addition, you will help to protect the environment. All the money you save you can invest more efficiently – for example into the development of your business.

All the services are supplied and directly controlled by the investor of the project. This is the guarantee that services meet the high quality standards with a minimum cost.

Have you thought about anything else? Need to ask anything? Call us on + 420 603 299 101 or write us the email – We can arrange a meeting in the building. We are happy to answer any questions or prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

Model calculation

We act fairly, so we bring you a specific calculation for a 51 m² office. We have designed it, based on our experience, ideal for 4 employees and a senior executive.

Technological park AREAL SLATINA – pricelist of building “O” – 52 m²˛

1 m²˛ / month
52 m²˛
242 kč
12 342 kč
the space factor
1481 kč
67 kč
3 417 kč
heating, cooling, ventilation
19 kč
969 kč
electrical energy
included in services
included in services
1000 kč/ place
3000 Kč/ 3 places
total monthly costs
416 kč
21 209 kč

ASO – Model officce

Prices are final and complete, no surprises.

As the only company in Brno, we also offer the opportunity to rent a fully equipped office. We have established cooperation with the Italian manufacturer Quadrifoglio. With its 1600 customers, Quadrifoglio is the worldwide leader in the field.

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